Exploring the Typical Safety Equipment on a Yacht

sunset-241947_640If you are planning to do a yacht charter, obviously one of the most important considerations of what yacht you should pick is that there is well maintained safety equipment. There is a fair amount of safety equipment that comes standard with a yacht charter. Here are some of the main items!

Spare Parts

Your yacht should come with many spare parts. Depending on how far you plan on cruising will depend on exactly what and how many spare parts you will need. Things need to be considered such as engine filters, belt and oil, spare bolts, screws, rings, axes, pins, valves, light bulbs. Even items like an extensive tool kit are necessary.

A spare bilge pump is also essential with a sensor so that it switches on when it detects water. Even things like fuses are very necessary.

Electronic Equipment

Good electronic equipment is essential to keep you on track and safe. There is nothing more stressful than not knowing where you are and this will prevent that from occurring. It is also essential to have good communication equipment in case anything goes wrong.

Autopilot and radar are two of the most important pieces of equipment to ensure you are kept on track and don’t hit anything. A failure in Autopilot is what leads to most negative experiences on the ocean. Having a spare for this can be a good idea.

Life Vests

This one may seem obvious but it is still very important that there are enough readily available life vests for everyone on board. If children are on the yacht, ensure there are vests to fit them as well. Life vests only work well if they are right size.

It is also important to have a good life raft. If the worst possible thing happens and you end up without your boat, you are going to want a good, survival raft to keep you afloat, sheltered and fed until help arrives.

Medical Supplies

With worries like going overboard or engine problems, it may be easy to overlook the obvious, but ensure you have basic medical supplies especially items like bandages in case someone cuts themself or is in an accident. Help can often be far away on a yacht so you need to ensure you have everything to keep you going until you can get to land.

Here is some more equipment:

Here you will find some safety equipment standards.

Hopefully after reading this you are better prepared for the safety equipment you will need for your yacht charter. Good luck!

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