So you have decided to take a vacation on your very own chartered yacht. You have thought about and picked your destination, and where you might sail. And one thing that many people like is not just the sailing, but stopping in the many exotic ports and different places that are along the way. This lets you and the people sailing with you have some time off the boat and to break up the journey with some beach time or sightseeing or shopping.


Taking young kids around on the shore

If you are traveling with your family, and are going to spend time ashore then younger children in your party will need some help. There can often be a lot of walking once on land, and this walking can take place in hot or humid conditions, making it hard for young children to keep up. This is something you need to take into account when planning your itinerary and trips to shore.

So if you are planning on taking your kids off the boat with you on your yacht vacation you need to consider how you will get your children around. One solution is to carry them, but this is also hard work for you. Child carriers that can be attached to your body can make it easier but it is still hard work when things are hot.

Thus the best way to move kids around when on land is by stroller, and if you are going to be stopping frequently for long periods of time with your kids you should think about bringing a stroller with you.

What type of Stroller is best?

Because you will be on the yacht you will need a stroller that is small in size but strong enough to carry your child. The stroller should be able to be folded up, so that it will not take up much of the limit space on board your boat. Having a folding stroller also makes it easier to carry the stroller onto and off the yacht by way of a gangplank or when transferring from another boat such as a tender when you have to do this is some of the ports you may visit.

Therefore the best type of stroller is an umbrella stroller that is lightweight. This will be the easiest to move, store and use during your vacation on the water.

Finding the Best Lightweight strollers

If you are going to buy a good lightweight stroller to take with you then you must do some research into them. It is important to find one that has good safety features and that will be safe and appropriate for your child. You must take into account their size and weight. And finally, you should find a stroller that folds up as small as possible and is lightweight at a price you can afford. There are a lot of websites with good information on lightweight strollers out there to help you find the best stroller for your needs.

Enjoy your trips to shore!

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yachtOne of the worries that we often hear from parents considering a yacht charter is how they will keep their kids entertained in a confined space.

This really is not something to worry about and most kids love being on a yacht. However, here are some tips to help you keep your kids entertained.

Use it as an Educational Experience

One of the best things you can do onboard with your kids is to use the time as an educational experience. Teach them how a yacht works, how to navigate, steer, hoist the sails and the millions of other things that go along with sailing a yacht.

For older kids, talk about radar, sea depths, how people navigated before electronics. Younger kids can learn about the fish and birds that you see. You can discuss the geography of the places you are visiting. The learning opportunities are endless.

Bring Toys and Books

A yacht may be a confined space, but there is usually plenty of storage for some toys and books. Get your kids to bring their favourites, but also bring a few new ones that you can gradually bring out over the length of your charter. This can be a great way to keep boredom at bay and the items do not have to be big or bulky. Just a roll of stickers can work very well for younger kids or a new game for the iPad for older ones.

Watch TV

Most yachts come complete with TV, DVD player, playstation etc so this is also an option. This can be a great way for everyone to unwind at the end of the day or for young ones that need some quiet time. Again, I recommend gradually bringing out new DVDs or playstation games over the course of your charter to keep things interesting.

In addition to this, take along a DVD or game that will get the kids moving in a manner that is appropriate for a yacht. For example, there is a simple, dancing-on-the-spot Nickelodeon game which will keep the kids entertained and help them expend some energy while you are onboard.

Take a Pack of Cards

A pack of cards may seem old fashioned these days but they are still a great source of entertainment and a great way for the family to spend quality time together. You can teach each other your favourite games, make card houses and see who can build the tallest one. There are lots of possibilities. To keep it interesting, you could also have some sweets on hand for the winner.

Road Trip Games

If you have ever taken a road trip then you probably have some talking games up your sleeve. These games generally work very well at sea as well so get ready to play some I spy or whatever else your kids enjoy. Here are some suggestions.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of items that your kids have to find onboard or in their surrounds – It might just be sighting a certain type of bird for example. This can be fun and educational. Choose  a mixture of items that your kids already know and some they will have to learn.

As you can see, there are many ways to keep your kids entertained on a yacht charter. These are just some! Have a great trip!

sunset-241947_640If you are planning to do a yacht charter, obviously one of the most important considerations of what yacht you should pick is that there is well maintained safety equipment. There is a fair amount of safety equipment that comes standard with a yacht charter. Here are some of the main items!

Spare Parts

Your yacht should come with many spare parts. Depending on how far you plan on cruising will depend on exactly what and how many spare parts you will need. Things need to be considered such as engine filters, belt and oil, spare bolts, screws, rings, axes, pins, valves, light bulbs. Even items like an extensive tool kit are necessary.

A spare bilge pump is also essential with a sensor so that it switches on when it detects water. Even things like fuses are very necessary.

Electronic Equipment

Good electronic equipment is essential to keep you on track and safe. There is nothing more stressful than not knowing where you are and this will prevent that from occurring. It is also essential to have good communication equipment in case anything goes wrong.

Autopilot and radar are two of the most important pieces of equipment to ensure you are kept on track and don’t hit anything. A failure in Autopilot is what leads to most negative experiences on the ocean. Having a spare for this can be a good idea.

Life Vests

This one may seem obvious but it is still very important that there are enough readily available life vests for everyone on board. If children are on the yacht, ensure there are vests to fit them as well. Life vests only work well if they are right size.

It is also important to have a good life raft. If the worst possible thing happens and you end up without your boat, you are going to want a good, survival raft to keep you afloat, sheltered and fed until help arrives.

Medical Supplies

With worries like going overboard or engine problems, it may be easy to overlook the obvious, but ensure you have basic medical supplies especially items like bandages in case someone cuts themself or is in an accident. Help can often be far away on a yacht so you need to ensure you have everything to keep you going until you can get to land.

Here is some more equipment:

Here you will find some safety equipment standards.

Hopefully after reading this you are better prepared for the safety equipment you will need for your yacht charter. Good luck!

weddingcakeA wedding is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime affair. As such, a wedding should be memorable. There are many ways to make a wedding memorable for your guests and family. One great idea is using a yachting charter to create a truly memorable experience. Thus, as a person who is planning a wedding you should consider a yacht charter. There are several arrangements you can think about from either carrying out the entire wedding ceremony or just the reception of the wedding on a yacht. There are lots of benefits to using a yacht charter for your wedding. These include…

1. You end up with a truly memorable event

Using a yacht charter guarantees you will not end up with a ‘run of the mill’ wedding. The wedding you hold on a yacht will almost certainly turn out to be memorable not just for you, but also to your guests. Given the fact that most other weddings are held in gardens, halls and other such places, a yacht wedding is bound to stand out in people’s memories — and that is important.

2. You will have a truly impressive event

Besides being memorable, a wedding is supposed to be impressive. Most people associate yachts with affluence and glamour. Thus, if you use a yacht charter for your wedding, you inevitably make the event look very impressive in terms of the affluence and glamour perceptions. It also makes for a very beautiful event.

3. You can easily control the number of guests

People who were planning on gate-crashing on your wedding are likely to think twice about such maneuvers once they learn that the event is to be held on a yacht. With the limited number of guests you can have these can leas to a much more intimate event. And a wedding is meant to be an intimate affair.

4. You can minimize the costs

This is a direct consequence of the fact that a yacht wedding is bound to have a limited number of guests. A limited number of guests translate into lower costs in terms of things like catering. Thus, while the mention of the word ‘yacht’ is likely to make people think of huge expenditure, you can ironically end up with a situation where using a yacht charter for your wedding saves you money!

5. The benefit of mobility

A yacht is capable of moving about. This means that one part of the yacht-based wedding can be carried out in one place with the other part of the ceremony being carried out elsewhere – and with the guests being comfortably seated all along. You can visit many picturesque locations and take great wedding photos.

There are many other benefits of having a yacht charter for your wedding. It is well worth considering for your nuptials.



We cannot deny the fact that next to exciting activities, good food is what most clients see as important on a yachting vacation. Half of the fun of a vacation can be trying new and exciting cuisines and produce.

What food is offered on board?

It will be more fun if you try different foods during your vacation. Make the most of your time to try some different delicious cuisines, but you can still have all of your favorite foods. Most of the common cuisines served on board are seafood such as different kinds of fish, lobsters, sea urchin and pawns, since it has a short distance from the sea. We can also serve meat and poultry as well as fruits. With a yachting charter, we can cater to whatever your needs are. You can also bring your own food and cater for yourself if you would prefer.

Where you can find food to eat during the vacation?

Once you are on a yachting vacation, there will be no problem regarding the food because the crew will serve you all meals on board. They will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Similarly, they will also provide you some snacks during the day as well as a cup of hot  tea or coffee. If you would like to experience some unique and exciting local cuisines, you can have it on dry land at your destination as well. There are plenty of restaurants you can find on land.

What guarantee to have delicious cuisine on board?

Though, there is a lot of restaurants you can find ashore, there are some who would like to have their meals on that are offered on board. Why? This is because crews on the charter are ensuring that they will prepare a delicious food. They also ensure that they have professional cooks that can give a delicious and unique taste of foods. Hence, people opt to eat their choice of meals on board.

What kinds of foods are served on board?

On board, there are different kinds of dishes which are influenced from different countries that will be served. They serve French, African, Spanish cuisines. There are also charters that offer Mediterranean cuisines. However, you are on a vacation, eating healthy foods is the best option for you. There is no fresher fruit than a fruit coming from a tree; just like seafood that is fresh catches from the sea.

What foods to eat during yachting vacation?

There are a lot of varieties of food you can eat during on yachting vacation. Though, you are on a vacation, opt to eat some dishes that include vegetables and fruits. It will help you to gain energy for the whole day of activities. You can choose to eat some exotic fruits, especially those who are reached with fiber – it can help to burn calories despite of plenty of foods you are about to eat. Opt for some fruit juices as well. However, the food you will eat on your vacation still depends on you.



Being stranded in the open ocean on a sailing trip is the last thing anyone would ask for. However, you never know when you may be stranded and you therefore need to be prepared. As a survivor in the open sea, you will face wind and waves and other environmental hazards that will give you lots of problems. In order to stay alive in the ocean until rescue comes, follow these fives survival tips when stranded.

It's something most people don't need to worry about, but it pays to be prepared.

It’s something most people don’t need to worry about, but it pays to be prepared.

Do not panic

When stranded in the sea, panicking is a direct ticket to death and fatal injuries. You need to keep a calm head as this will allow you to keep on thinking clearly and also keep your energy intact. Panicking will only make you lose the ability to think and use your energy. Maintaining a calm head and demeanor will also help reassure the others that are with you and also help them keep calm.

Find drinking water at sea

When trapped in the deep sea, you will definitely need water to drink to keep you going. Quite ironic when you find yourself surrounded by lots of water but you do not have a drop to drink. However, if you are prepared, resourceful and willing to put effort into collecting clean drinkable water, then you should be able to save your life. You can trap moisture by fitting your vessel with plastic tarpaulin for catching rainwater and draining it into containers. You can even use your clothes that have been encrusted with salt crystals. Give the clothes a seawater bath at the first sight of rain. The water will still be salty but not as salty as the salt residue.

Catch fish in open waters

When in a life raft, small fish will often gather beneath the raft. They do this because of curiosity or just because they feel sheltered when there. Once they gather around, you can catch the fish and perhaps satisfy your need for nourishment. Use anything flashy or a hand line with a hook to lure the fish.

Avoid shark bites

Sharks don’t usually hunt people as a source of food but that does not mean they will not bite when they get the opportunity. Always try to avoid shark bites at any cost. When faced by a shark attack, try to stab its eyes or gills or hit its super sensitive nose. If this does not work, you can then dive in the waters and submerge yourself to the seafloor and wait till it leaves.

Plug a leak

When stranded on a boat in the open ocean, chances of your boat starting to leak are very high. Water that gets into the boat due to rain and waves coming over the bow are not a real danger but that which finds its way through leakages are quite dangerous.  Hopefully you will have brought your best survival tomahawk or other survival gear with you. You can stop the leak by placing a conical soft wood plug tethered to the hull or use a large plastic sheet across the leak on the outside of the hull.

The aforementioned tips can be very helpful when stranded in the ocean on a boat. Your survival will depend on your skills, knowledge to use the available survival equipment and above all, your will to survive. Keeping a positive mental outlook matters a lot when in such a situation.  For more information about survival tips and prepping head over have a read.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss more about safety when hiring a yacht for your dream sailing trip.

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When planning your yachting vacation, you should think about the places you would like to visit and things you want to try during your vacation. Where places appeal to you most? What are the perfect places to visiting on a yacht?

These are important things to consider when planning your yachting vacation, especially for those who are making their first trip. First time yacht vacationers don’t know the best places where they can go to best enjoy this type of vacation. Thus, it is necessary for them to consider lots of different things when picking destinations for their trip.

Where do you want to go to, today?

Where do you want to go to, today?

Can you choose multiple destinations in a yacht vacation?

It is possible to pick multiple destinations for a yachting vacation. There are vacation packages that you can purchase that include destinations based on the number of nights and days you are able to spend on your yachting vacation. You may prefer to just vacation in one place and take it easy or just to sail around with no exact destination. There are many choices.

How should you pick multiple destinations?

First step is to think about which destinations you would like to visit, then work out how far apart they are and how possible they are to visit on your vacation in your time frame. It is usually better to pick destinations close to each other, and if this is your first trip, try not to do too much while you get used to being on a yacht. You can also buy destination packages where all the planning is taken care of for you.

What are the factors to be considered in picking destinations?

Choosing the destination for your yacht vacation can vary based on what activities you would like to do during your vacation. There are destinations that give you an opportunity to experience the different water sports such as kite boarding, wet bikes,  ski tubing, water skiing and windsurfing. These water sports are a common reason for many people in picking their yachting vacation destination. For others, food may be an important consideration. Maybe you want to experience a variety of foods. If you like experiencing different cultures or historic sites, this is another thing to consider when picking a destination

What are the best yachting destinations for a first trip?

If you are going on a yachting vacation for the first time, it is better to choose a destination which is close to your home – like doing a sailing vacation along your coastal area. However, if you want to experience some exciting and wonderful yachting vacation even for your first trip, opt for the Caribbean yacht vacations which offer excellent charter destinations for you that are sure to be a hit.

How will you know that you have picked the right destination for your yachting vacation?

For some people, the journey of travel includes exploring new places, and absorbing the culture of the different destinations they have been. For others, it is all about enjoying the place like swimming, lying under the sun and reading a good book. As long as you pick a destination that matches your interests, you will have a great time.






Enjoy a yacht vacation with your kids!

Enjoy a yacht vacation with your kids!

Are you planning to go on a yacht vacation with your kids? Are you thinking about what to pack as well? After booking your yacht vacation, the next thing to think is what things should bring with you. Indeed, packing is really not an easy thing and you should give time to think before going on a vacation. Especially if you are bringing your kids with you.

However, it is very inconvenient if you bring a lot of luggage, particularly when you are going with kids on a vacation. Hence, there are some tips that may help you in order to have a comfortable, worry free and happy yacht vacation.

What luggage to use?

The First thing to consider is the size of the suitcase that you are bringing. Large suitcases and luggage, especially those with hard shells, are not suitable for your sailing vacation. Why? The reason is sailing vessels don’t have enough space to cater your big cases. Thus, it is better to pack your things in soft luggage or smaller cases for saving space in the storage.

What clothes to pack?

Always remember not to pack too much. Most yachts that offers vacation trip provide necessities such as towels and toiletries. In this case, it is not practical if you are still packing such items. However, before going on a vacation and packing things, it is better to ask for the things that yacht supply for your family to be sure of the things that you need to bring.

In addition, you do not need a lot of clothes for your yacht vacation. You can bring a pair of comfortable shoes to be worn on board. Bringing a small number of shirts, shorts and long pants would be a great way to start to pack. Pack clothes that work well together; for example any pair of short or pants will look good with any top. Try to pack to allow yourself to dress in layers, rather than have outfits for just cold or hot weather. The important thing to consider is the duration of your vacation – this can help to determine the number of  things you need to pack. And this goes not just for you but your kids as well.

What are the essential things needed for your kids?

For your kids most especially toddlers, it is better if you use lightweight strollers for the stops, which are very convenient to use and at the same time it does not take space in your storage. Don’t forget to bring swimsuits and summer dresses. These are the needed things that you should pack for your kids. You should also bring any medicines your child needs, if there is any.

What are other needed items to bring?

Items such as sun block, hair dryer and suntan oils are also included in the things that you need to pack. Truly, people who are going on a vacation don’t forget to bring these items most especially cameras which people tend to have an incomplete vacation without this.

What are the most important things to bring?

Lastly, before when packing for your things, don’t ever try to forget your passport, digital camera, and GPS device. These are the most important things. You will tend not to enjoy your vacation if you forgot bringing this. If you have all of these items with you, then you can fully enjoy your yacht vacation with your kids.

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Host your next function on the water.

Host your next function on the water.

When preparing to host a corporate event, one of the considerations you have to make pertains to the venue for the event. That is where you have to figure out where you will hold the event. The corporate event in question here could be anything from a product launch, shareholder meeting, staff party  and pretty much anything else along those lines. When thinking of places where you can host a corporate event, one option you may need to give serious consideration to is that of hosting it on a yacht.

We will proceed to explore what hosting a corporate event on a yacht involves. We will also look at the factors to consider when hosting a corporate event on a yacht, and what the benefits of hosting a corporate event on a yacht are. Finally, we will proceed to look at the cost of hosting a corporate event on a yacht, and the sorts of situations where it would be good to consider hosting a corporate event on a yacht.

What hosting a corporate event on a yacht involves

There are companies that offer yacht charter services, and you can get in touch with one of those when considering hosting a corporate event on a yacht. Most of these companies offer full service packages, meaning that you won’t have to bother with the logistics of the event. You just enter into a contract with one such company and the company handles everything for you. Under that arrangement, once the contract is inked you can proceed to invite people to the event knowing that everything of a logistical nature will be handled for you by the company.

Factors to consider when hosting a corporate event on a yacht

Some of the key factors to consider include the number of people expected to attend the event and the specific nature of the event. You also need to consider how long the event is expected to last, and the profile of attendees at the event.

Benefits of hosting a corporate event on a yacht

There are many benefits to hosting a corporate event on a yacht. Firstly, when you host a corporate event on a yacht, you impress the attendees a great deal. Hosting a corporate event on a yacht can also be more convenient in some cases than hosting the event in a hall somewhere.

The cost of hosting a corporate event on a yacht

Hosting a corporate event on a yacht is likely to turn out to be much cheaper than you’d have expected. Working with a yacht charter company, once the figure for everything adds up (including for catering), you are likely to realize that you will be spending as little as (or even lower than) you’d have spent hosting the event in a terrestrial venue.

Situations where it would be good to host a corporate event on a yacht

There are certain situations where it would be a good idea to host a corporate event on a yacht. For instance, if the event you have in mind is one that you want to be impressive or memorable, then hosting it on a yacht would be a good idea. The event, to be hosted on a corporate yacht need to be a happy one, and the attendees need to be folks who won’t read too much into where/how the event is hosted.